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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Here is the short clip that I did while I was shooting to the last outfit post. It is presenting my outfit of the day.
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Wearing :


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Because winter is coming, I am searching my perfect coat that will be elegant and yet comfortable and still not to heavy. I love grey coats so I would like one in that colour but can be also other color like black or creamy. I like coat to be not too loose and not too tight. It can be with zipper hidden inside, have to have pockets. Could be with a hood as it will be then warmer, and has to be high on neck- not with big cleavage cause I would freeze out- even with scarf!!! 
It has to be made with a thicker material.

 Here are some ideas of my perfect coats that I have found in C&A online store.
Which one do you like?
What is your perfect coat and where u buy it?

1  C&A

2. C&A

3. C&A

4. C&A

5. C&A

6. C&A

7. C&A

8. C&A

9. Forever21

11. Zara

12.  Bershka

Friday, October 24, 2014


I made a stroll to this place. 
The Collegium Maius  is the Jagiellonian University's oldest building, dating back to the 14th century.
The then 36-year-old first university in Poland, known at the time as the Krakow Academy, moved into the building some time in the 14th century after King Władysław II Jagiełło had purchased it as an educational grant with funds bequeathed by his late wife, Queen Jadwiga.
The Collegium Maius was rebuilt in the late 15th century as a late-Gothic structure surrounding a large courtyard bordered with arcades. In 1517 a well was built in the center of the courtyard. Professors lived and worked upstairs, while lectures were held downstairs.
In the 1490s the Collegium Maius counted among its students Nicolaus Copernicus, the Renaissance astronomer and polymath who would revolutionize European ideas about the universe.
The weather is beutiful and sun is shining, there is nice sunday evening and many people walking by and enjoy free time.

I am wearing:

T-shirt /H&M
Hoodie / NewYorker
Jacket / NewYorker
Jeans / Moto Jamie Ripped Jeans by Topshop
Sneakers / Nike

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