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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring in the city

What I like in spring the most is that leaves are growing and plants are fresh and green, air have that scent of spring and  upcomming summer. Sun is shuning, birds are chirping and waking up to living, so are people, with more energy. That gives you hope for great summer and great time. And of corse I like in spring and summer that I can dress in summer clothes.


                                                                              Ficaria verna

                                                              blooming first flowers in the grass

Friday, April 4, 2014


If you have no idea what to wear in spring sunny day, you can always look thru the window and see what other people wear today. This is one of advateges living on the busy street in the city.
And this are my anonymus street fashion models:

                                               Outfits for a date with boyfriend/husband:

Outfit for a stroll with dog:

       Yes convers is a good choice :)

Outfit for a friends meeting:

    I recognise Zara bag.

                           Reebok Princess Supreme

 Outfits for work:

And outfits for another special ocasion:

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