Saturday, September 26, 2020


 Hello friends.

Today I showing you some pictures from a walk in Milton where are nice murals on wals and bike trail.

It was nice day and we enjoyed walk in the park.

This pictures I made with new Iphone SE 2020.

I like the picture quality from this phone.

So here are few pictures :)

Friday, September 25, 2020


Hello friends. 
Today I am doing the New Macbook air i3 base model unboxing. 
I got it in gold color which is really beautiful color. 
It is great laptop for school or office.
I already have macbook pro so I wanted some smaller and lighter laptop that I could take with me on some trips, cafe or even yard and not to be so bulky.
It will be also better option for traveling especially when by plane.
This laptop has retina display and normal size backlit keyboard.
It not have many ports so I already got the dongle also in color gold from amazon to connect with flash storage, mouse or even hdmi:

I got my macbook air on the small sale at Best Buy:

Thursday, September 17, 2020


 Hello friends.

Fall vibes are here in Boston area.

It's getting cooler everyday, less humid. So on the one hand it is great weather for walks and other activities, on the other hand, sometimes it feels like I prefer stay at home, watch Netflix and drink warm tea under blanket.

It is time to change our wardrobe to more fall apropiate and do even some shopping.

Hope it will be nice season full of joy and excitement. New fashion trends coming in. New designs.

Hope that pandemic will be soon over and ppl will be free to go out more and meet with friends and loved ones freely. And also hope that traveling international and domestic will be back again - allowed and without problems like vaccines or quarantines.

Hope virus will go away or people will be immune to it.

And what are your thoughts on upcoming season?

Here few pictures from my new phone that I got- iPhone Se 2020. Maybe now will be putting here pictures from phone too - more candid and more natural.

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