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Saturday, October 26, 2019


Hello friends. How are you doing?
Today I present on my youtube video and here on pictures and link stuff I got at walmart.
It is collective haul and things I got within few weeks or even months.
As it is getting cooler I needed some hoodies and zip sweatshirt, also a coat that I saw I liked a lot as it was looking very stylish and nice color. It remind me of Columbia coat but price was much cheaper.
So here are things that I got:

And here is haul video:

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Hello friends. How are you doing?
I am little bit sick but it didn't stop me from going out to the nice park and take pictures of the beautiful leaves changing colors on the trees.
It is now true fall here in the New England and this park was new one that we never saw before. 
The name of park its called: Charles River Bike Trails (near 20 miles from Boston), and it's actually really nice as you can see.
Maybe next time we take our bikes here.
So it is getting cooler and I like wearing this anorak from VS Pink as it has sherpa lining on the inside and it keeps me nice and warm.
And I was waring today those Adidas Falcon sneakers and they are really comfortable too so can recommend them. I have them in 2 other colors too but not worn them yet.

So here is what I am wearing:

Hoodie/Vs Pink 
btw now it is now promo buy one get one free in VS PINK and I got few things again and will do haul on my youtube and will show you what I got :)

Leggins/VS SPORT
Hat/VS Pink
Anorak Jacket/VS PINK
Sneakers/ Adidas Falcon

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