Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Hello friends.

So here are few pictures from last time snowing event and its called here in the New England #NOREASTER2018.
It is nice, but also dangerous for those who live near ocean, as wind and high waves makes demages to the coast and the houses.

It has  already happend few times this year and some are stronger then others. Some have only snow, some are with rain, witch is worse, as then it's fludding involved.
Schools and other institutions are closed, flights are cancelled, shops closed.
On the streets are worknig plaws and other big trucks to remove snow.

And people are on the lock out in their homes.
Hope no more noreasters rolls in this year. 
Hope no more fludding and no strong winds anymore. 
Bye bye noreaster.
Won't be missed!

And here is the vlog from rainy noreaster.

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