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Saturday, September 30, 2017


Hello guys. 
Today I present another casual summer outfit of the day from the DW Field park that is nice park located near Braintree Ma. 
And we go there sometimes to have some nice summer walk. 
I am sad as summer coming to the end and will be not so warm anymore in the New England.
But maybe fall will be warm enough and winter not too cold?
Hope it will be nice time to wear more outfits and be able to shoots photos outside.
Have a wonderfull weekend guys and let me know in comments what is your favourite season of the year? 

I am wearing:

T-hirt/ Zara
Skirt/ H&M
Sandals / Comfortfusse
Glasses/ DollarTree

 Baby swan

Monday, September 25, 2017


I want to share with you guys, what are my cold remedies, due to the fact I lately got one.
It is now season of getting cold or even a flu, so I decided to write -what I take when I get a cold. 
It is not nice to be cold all the time, have runny nose and then even starting coughing, so it's good to start treating a cold right away. 
Sure it is good to go to doctor but what if there are long lines and even days to wait or if you don't have insurance or you are somewhere abroad where you not want to visit doctor then its good to seek for cold remedies that are easy avaiable.

When I get a cold I start to wear warmer clothes, cover myself with blanket  and then I wear my Ugg Australia boots all the time as they have heating properties. Mine are from Tj Maxx and were on sale few years ago, and they are still good.

Another cold remedy I use is a can of Pineapples in slices or chuncks. It is a good source of Vitamin C and we all know how important that vitamin is when you have a cold. 
It is all about immune system. This can has about 4 servings and each one will deliver 25 % of daily needs for Vitamin C.
 If you also get allegry you can take allergy pills, even under the counter, but be careful, as they also have sides effects, and if you not feel like yourself, then do not take them - go to doctor.
In my case those pills helped me with allergy, but gave me some side effects, so I stopped taking them.
 Another remedy is Pine Tree oil that can be used internally. This one is produced in Poland but I bought it on so can be delivered anywhere. You can add few drops to a tea or take with honey. 
Another remedy that is natural and healthy is garlic. It is natural antybiotic they say. In my case I was eating it everyday with some toast or crackers.

 Then to help keep sore throat healty I tried some syrop from DollarTree store: Tussin Cought & Chest Congestion Dm for just 1 $.
 I also take vitamin C in pill form. This one is from TEVA.

 Also you can try another syrop for night- Nitetime Cold & Flu Relief.
 I also drink a lot of warm tea with lemon and honey.
 My another must have when I get a cold are pills for throat called Septolete- they are more avaiable in Europe and when I moved to US I had to find the way to buy them. I found that internet pharmacies from Poland deliver them to Us and other countries. This I bought in the pharmacy called: Apteka slonik. Here in Us pills for throat are not popular and even if there are they not work on me. Syrops sometimes not work so well too and have much suger in it.
So that's are my all cold remedies, what are yours? Let me know in comments!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017


Hello friends.
So today is first day of autumn and weather starting to be colder, rain is raining and not allowing to do so many blog pictures as before. Flowers start to flowing. Allergens starts to be less active...
Yesterday was still nice out when I did those pictures in the park, where I was walking.
It's getting dark faster. It is time to prepare for colder season. And make some preperations to the upcoming cold days.
I lately was searching for hoodies as I not have much of them in my closets. I like them warm and brushed inside. 
And also had to buy some t-shirts.
So I went to the mall today to see if they have any nice that I will like. Yesterday I found hoodie online in H&M that I decided to buy.
I was also thinking to make some purchase to my ebates account. H&M unfortunately not take part in ebates but many other stores do.
Because they have now promotion that if you invite 2 friends to it you get 10 bucks and also if those friends make purchase of 25 $ or more until 30th of september you get aditional 40 $.
And there is also big trip to win!!!
IF you want to try it I share my link here:
I still thinking what to buy thrugh ebates.
But today went to mall and bought hoodie and t-shirts as I needed.
What do you plan to buy soon?
Are you preparing already for authum/winter?

I am wearing:

Purse/Michael Kors
Sneakers/ NIKE

 In the middle of nowhere is a path that I will lead you thrugh don't fear!!! 
-Said gardient angel to me in the dream.
How it actually was will tell you in the next blog posts.

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