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Monday, August 29, 2016


Summer is going to the end for some people, but here in Cracow it started to be warmer then before, so it might be still nice weather. 
So today I present outfit for such beach weather. Although there is no beach near me right now :)

I am wearing:

Tank top / Bershka
Skirt / H&M
Flip flops / Dr Scholls
Basket / Chiemsee

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Today I am doing the unboxing of Michel Kors Jet Set Travel Multifuntion Tote/ Bag in color Ecru and medium size.
I got it on on sale in color ecru and size medium.
It is 40 cm wide and 30 cm high.

It is made out of saffiano leather, has 2 handles with buckles.
This is great that they added top zipper to this model, as previous model didn't have it.
Bag has cute charm with MK logo.

Inside the bag we will see nice lining with 4 pockets, 1 zippered pocket on the side and one middle pocket on zipper for laptop. I is padded and can fit in 13' laptop, as 15' onr will not fit.

That tote is really comfy to wear on shoulders, and it is great for traveling. 
Bag full price is retailed around 300 $, I got it for 150$.

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So here is unboxing video:

And here are the pictures:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Michael Kors Jet Set Snap pocket Item saffiano leather bag unboxing

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Today I am doing the unboxing of Michael Kors Jet Set Snap Pocket Tote,  and in the Eu called Jet Set Item tote in black saffiano leather. 
It has 2 handles and the snap pocket in the front. Handles have buckles and can be adjusted.
Pros of this tote:
- it is really sturdy, keeps shape
- has nice elegant design- can be dressed down or dressed up
- It has many compartments, and can fit small laptop in that middle zipped pocket, and can fit big 15' laptop in near compartment but it will stick out 1 inch
-it is stiff so it will stick out a little bit from shoulder
- leather has werid smell, not like normal leather but like mixed with some chemicals
- doesn't have top zipper which might be a disadventage, as if you want your stuff to be secured then this is not a bag for you
-it is heavy bag a little above 2 pounds
-not have longer strap, cant be crossbody bag.

I think I will return it because it not have zipper and I think I will maybe buy another one with a zipper.
I bought it on
It was on sale. I also bought another one which I will show in next videos/blog posts, so stay tuned. 
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