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Monday, March 28, 2016


Today I present Victoria's Secret Pink Semi annual sale from online store/site that i got lately. It is collective haul from not only Victora's Secret but also VS Pink. 

I've got Victoria's Secret Pink Gym pants, VS Sport Gym Bag, VS Pink waterbottle, cute duffle bag, some blouse, some lingerie and more. 

Hope you enjoy my haul- it is part one and soon will upload part 2.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I love sneakers and sport shoes and I love many brands like Nike, Reebok and even New Balance. In past I loved Adidas but it was way more then 10 years ago, then I started buying shoes from other brands as Adidas seemed too not chagne too much and I got bored. 
Lately I again wanted to have sneakers from Adidas and espacially model Adidas Superstars. I don't know if it is because all celebrities love them or maybe beacuse youtubers started hauling them or what but I had to get mine. 
Which model I got will present in next post but today lets look how celebrities style them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Spring is slowly coming to us and it is slowly getting warmer so it is time to plan some holiday or even small weekender trips when we can rest, relax and forget about our everyday troubles and just breath deep, swim and sunbath on some sandy beach by the sea or lake. 

Destinations like the Florida Panhandle are super popular this season with locations like Panama City Beach and Destin!
So it is about time to start preperations guys. 
To make it easier I created this list of 5 gataway essentials which consist of:

1. A hat to protect my skin and body from overheating as the sun can be really strong at 12 pm. 
Nice straw hat I just found at H&M online store.

2. Sunprotector with moistereiser on skin to protect skin from harmful sun rays.

I will use this one from Clinique and Bioderma.

3. Camera to take awesome pictures and film  cool video clips of beautiful views from the beach or
a phone to stay in contact with my friends as if they want to join me I  can always call them.
Iphone have both camera and phone features.
 I also like my Canon G7x as a go-to camera. It makes amazing videos and pictrues. They are  really good quality almoust like  from dslr camera and G7x is way lighter so it's perfect for a getaway adventures.
Iphone will be great if I will want to connect with friends or post picture to instagram.

4. Waterbottle filled with water or some other drink to stay hydrated. I love water infused with fresh fruits like watermelon, strawberries and lemons.
This one on the picture below is from VS PINK and it was on sale!

5. Big towel to lay on it or wipe off wet body after swiming-it is the must have for the beach. 
I got lately this big boyfriend towel from Victoria's Secret Pink as a gift.

So that are my all my 5 getaway essentials and I wonder what are yours? Let me know in comments section.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Today was raindy day. It resembled me little bit of spring but it was still cold. That why it is important to still wear warm coat or parka in such days. And because it is more close to spring then before, it is about time to make some spring preparations in our wardrobes and take out our more spring and summer matching clothes. 
I want to wear bright colors again and more lighter and flowy fabircs.
 This is why I picked out light sneakers and lighter jeans today. I wish I was living in warmer climate...

I am wearing:

Down Parka/ H&M
Crew Neck / Bershka
Jeans/ Topshop model joni jeans
Sneakers / Reebok Freestyle
Scarf / Deichmann
Backpack / Hama

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