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Thursday, January 28, 2016

NEW IN- GYM BAG -Technical Studio Gym Bag from OYSHO

Lately I am drawn towards gym and sport clothing and accesories. I think that they are very practical and great not only for working out but also for some casual days when we have some errands to do. 
I love sales season that is going on right now and I got some stuff that will soon haul. I just also got this gym bag that yet not arrived to me but can't wait to have it. 
The name is 

    Technical Studio Gym Bag

It is from oysho online store:
where right now is also sale section and I love many stuff from there.
That gym bag was not on sale, as it is new collection. It is in 2 colors black and grey so I picked out grey one. I love that it has many compartments and have also mesh zippered pockets outside and inside. It is big and can also be great for travel as a carry on baggage maybe. I considering it to use it that way. I also like that bag beacasue it is not expensive and remind me of those more expensive ones from lulu lemon.
It comes also with the aditional bag for shoes. 
What brand is your favourite when it comes to gym stuff?  Do you like shopping at sales or new collection?

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Lately it is so cold, freezing weather and snow finally appeared in my city. So today I present the outfit for such days when normal jeans are not enough anymore. So I wearing warm parka - down jacket that keeps me warm  and warm ski pants that are really great for such weather as they also have some water resistant properties. They are made from material that has windproof and  waterproof properties. The micro porous clima tex climate laminate guarantees excellent breathing properties, alllows body humidity to escape and reduces condensation.
Wearing also those gloves that has some laminate on fingers that make easy to operate smartphone's touch screen. And of course those sheepskin boots keep me very warm.
What do you wear in very cold winter' day?

I am wearing :

Beanie / Terranova
Down Jacket / H&M
Hoodie / Cubus
Ski pants / Tchibo  here
Boots / Rip Curl
Gloves &Scarf / Terranova

Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas market, eating pizza, playing with cat - December 15' Vlog

Today I present vlog from december and begining of January '16, I went to Christmas market in my city Krakow, then I've met my friend, we went to eat pizza, then I play with my cat...Rudzio.
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Friday, January 15, 2016


Hello guys, lately I have hard time blogging. All time show up some difficulties that are making blogging hard. One obstacles is weather, all time cold and muggy, no sun at all and it's getting dark so fast.
 Another problem I have is my computer - its getting broken, its says hard disc error, and is so slow, I guess I will have to save for new computer soon :(
Another problem is when it is not much sun out I'm getting sad and not have energy and exitment to do things outdors. I also not have much time and many things come up into my life that I have to figure it all out and get prepared and not get distracted, as that are very important life changing things that now i have to focus on. So that why I lately post less.
And here is my outfit of the day for winter. Wearing ugg boots that I broke first time when geting out on rain, fogot to put on some water repelent and now they have dark stains like ombre effect :(
Remember to spray uggs before get out!!!!

I am wearing:

Down Jacket/ H&M
Sweater / Terranova
Scarf / Terranova
Beanie/ Terranova
Jeans / Topshop
Ugg boots/ RipCurl

Friday, January 1, 2016

OOTD with Ugg Australia & Topshop Jeans

Hello, Happy New Year 2016!!!

Today I present OOTD from Krakow December 2015 in the video form.

I am wearing:

Scarf, Beanie and Sweater / Terranova
Jeans/ Topshop Moto Jamie jeans
Down Jacket / H&M
Backpack / Hama
Boots / Ugg Australia Bailey Button mini

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