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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BEACH DAY_july_2015_vlog

Today is vlog- beach day from july 2015, it was nice out and I have spent time on the beach. 
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dr Martents Patent Hot Pink unboxing, trying on

Hello, Today I do unboxing of the new Dr Martens Patent boots in hot pink color that I got recently and I do unboxing of pacage and try them on too. 

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Dr martens is really good known brand and I always wanted to get a pair of them but then I was hesitating and was not sure if they will be comfortable. 
But recently I decided to try them out and buy as they are in nice colors now and they say that they are comfy too.

They are laced up and have 8 eyelets. They also have good sole that is oil, fat acid, petrol, alkali resistant. This boots were in past worn by labor workers like postmans and factory workers. This model is made from a mixed leather with some other material- as its not real leather like in other models but some mixture- coz in that leather sign is anoter small sign.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So we have fall now and I decided to do pictures presenting fall in my town, as it is so beautiful when leaves changing colors. We still have many green trees but some are all yellow like maples.
 Lately it was rather cold and this fall is more likely as winter - when it comes to temperatures and I had to pull out coats from closet and winter accesories like gloves which I couldn't find. Winter boots might be also worn now.

I am wearing:

Coat / C&A
Shirt / NewYorker
Jeans / Topshop Leigh jeans
Boots/ Lasocki
Scarf / Deichmann

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zara Haul summer & fall 2015

Hello, Today I showing things I've got recently at Zara store- it is the collective haul, some things I have got in summer, some in september. So I got tank tops, shirts, jeggins, booties, jacket, socks, boots etc.
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And here is the haul video on my youtube channel- go check it!

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