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Friday, August 28, 2015

Naked On the run palette, make up forever eyeshadows, smashbox bronzer- SEPHORA HAUL

Today I present Sephora Haul, I got that naked on the run- Urban Decay Pallete on sales in Sephora. It is good deal as in it we have also the eyepencil, lipgloss and the mascara. Beseides it I also bought few eyeshadows from Make up Forever- Star Dust Eyeshadows and Diamond Powder. 
That eyeshadows are really good quality and remind me of pigmets, they are also not irritating my eyes which just proofs that this brand is good for more allergy prone skins. I also got that Smashbox bronzer- HALO Longwear Blush at sale at store and It is also great quality loose power bronzer in great pacaging with a mirror. 
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 What did you got on sephora lately?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

golla bag, laptop bag, back to school bag, perfect laptop bag

Hello, today I do unboxing of pacage with this laptop bag- Golla Bags- and I show you how it looks inside, as it has many pockets, and I really like it.
 It is the perfect laptop bag. I bought it on site called which is auction site, but I saw them also on

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer OOTD- at the river

Today I present summer OOTD at this nice place at the river 
as a youtube vidoe down below.

I am wearing:
Tank top- terranova
Skirt- H&M
Sandals - Venezia
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music :

Saturday, August 22, 2015


So I discovered this secret garden just lately and decided to do few pictures here as it is perfect place not only to rest but also to pose for blog lol. Why it is perfect? Because it is in the center of my city- open most of the time, it is very clean and calm, and not many people visit it, know about it, there are nice plants there,  it has some secret kinda atmosphere, and it is like a hidden yard.
 I love such places in the city centre, as it reminds me of my holidays in Sweden where in city Stockholm are also many such cute small yards and markets not crowded at all and perfect to rest with some nice girlands of plants and some nice flowers. So this place remind me of that holiday time  in Sweden that I miss very much.

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I am wearing:

Hoodie / New Yorker
Shirt / Forever21
Pants / Nike dry fit
Sneakers / Reebok Classics Freestyles
Camera bag/ Golla Bag

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