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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Because of the beautiful and hot weather lately I decided to go to the beach and rest. I love to catch some sun in the nature and also love swiming, water was not yet so warm, so I not went to water, just enjoyed beautiful day on the sandy beach and got some tan. 

I am wearing:

Swimsuit / Newyorker
Skirt / H&M

There was not many people there and was pretty quiet, so it was great place to rest from urban noise. Because of the sun I rub into my skin  my summer essential which are some cream Photoderm AR with SPF 50/UVA 33 on face from Bioderma and another cream Sensibio AR that prevent redness and break of skin capillaries. On the rest of the body I put that sun ozon cream from Rossman drugstore. I also like to take some moisteriser on the skin, like for example this lotion. 

 The one thing I regret not having with me was a hat. At the end of the day this beach was also  visited by dogowners who let their dogs jump into the water and  enjoy a fresh bath.
What is your beach must-have?

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Today I have this simple look for a warm sunny day. I wear nude or neutral colors today. So my favourite color grey I match with white skirt and nude beige shirt. So that is how I style white skirt in general, white with white would be boring and white with other color then grey would look harsh. 
That skirt was long till unkles but I cut it half as I would not wear so long skirt I think.
I like also those leather nude beige sandals, they are comfy and never let me down. 
What do you like wearing the most in hot sunny day? Do you ever make some improvements and changes into your clothing item?

I am wearing:

 T-shirt/ Forever21
Skirt / Amisu
Sandals / Lasocki
Shirt / H&M

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Smokey Eyes, Red Lips, Makeup

Some time ago I did this  Smokey Eyes and red lips makeup-on my youtube channel and products I used are drugstore products:

Wake up concealer manhattan 03
Cashmere Eyeshadow Base- Wibo
Smoky eyes trio- Bourjois Nude
Colorama Maybelline 110 black gold
Healthy mix serum-53-Bourjois
Essence Eyeshadow 01
Catrice Dip powder Pen C01
Loreal Super line Eyeliner
Eyebrow stylist - Wibo
Volume million lashes loreal
Max Factor Loose Powder
Astor Skin MAtch Bronzer
Rimmmel by kate moss
Moisture Renew Lipstick -Rimmel-360

I really like that Healthy Mix Serum fundation (53) from Bourjois, as it is not only in resonable price, but it really makes skin looking good, flawless, not dries out skin, not makes it  too oily. It has nice  fruity-a-like scent too. 
And another favourite product is that Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick, because it has nice red color and it also have really good moisterising effect on my lips, not dry them out, which I would hate. Another favorite product I used here is mascara from Loreal- Volum Million Lashes it not irritates my eyes which some mascara often do, and it does not smudge uder eyes after few hours, and it gives nice curved lashes in perfect shape. 
What is your favourite drugstore make up product? Let me know in comments and see you in next video or blog post. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This outfit is from few days ago, when it was not so hot as today, and I was actually cold, so I put on this topshop jamie jeans but with knee rips, so they are kinda good for summer, lol but those more chill days, as in more hotter days I not recomend them. For the sandals I wear this Birkenstock Bali model and I like them a lot. Do you like wearing jeans in summer or rather other type of bottoms?

I am wearing:

T-shirt/ Terranova
Jeans / Topshop Moto Jamie jeans - ripped version
Sandals / Birkenstock Bali

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