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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Here is my another outfit of the day. In my town summer is now ending and is turing to be more cold and like in the fall, but I want still summer to be and never end.
 But in that outfit I mix 2 styles: summery top that has flower prints on it and sandals and more fall apropiate jeans.
 I lately love jeans and this are from Forever21 here, they are streachy and fit like a glove, they are not so super high waisted but still like that style.

Sandals are very comfortable and made form leather, they have little platform so I am higer in them.

Top / NewYorker
Jeans / Forever21
Sandals / VENEZIA

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Zara, Pull&Bear, Cubus, Bershka, Cropp, Newyorker -Summer Haul

Here is another Summer Haul from brands like: 
and they were on sales, so they were cheap. 
It is clothing and shoes haul, as I purchesed sandals too.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Forever21 Extra 50% Sales -Limited time

Lately my favourite hobby is to watch youtube videos of my subscribers, and many of them live in the United States and do look book vidoes or collective shopping hauls. And one of popular brand that they shop in is Forever21, so i check on the internet and they sell online almoust wordwide and I look thrugh stuff they had and I saw Sale section. So clicked there and they currently offer still many cute things and turn out that from the presented price is even 50 % more off, so its even cheaper then I expected. Shipping is free if u purchase above 50$ or its not so expensive as only 6 Euro in Europe.

Yesterday I did purchased 20 things for 50 Euro so its a good deal I think.
And you can check it  here .

                                                         Price: 2 Euro
                                                                Price: 3 Euro

 Price: 5 Euro

                                                                 Price: 4 Euro

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

H&M Collective Haul -Clothing and Shoes for Summer Part 2

Sales time is not yet over, and I did some shopping in H&M local store.
Here is the video in which I show what I purchased lately. In the first part I show some clothing pieces, and in the secend part some shoes.

Friday, August 15, 2014


The must have item in today's fashion is for sure skinny jeans! When I was in high school all people were wearing them and now since few years they again in style. And they make your butt looks nice and sexy, more girly, and they can be styled with cropped tops, and then we not have to show too much skin.
I personally prefer those with some strech inside, as then they are more strechy and fit perfect.
So for example such jeans you can buy in shop:   / price near 65$

Another place is: /  price for a pair of jeans is near 30 $

then another choice is zara   / price around 50$

 then of course Topshop brand and there are:
-Moto Leigh Skinny Jeans
-Moto Jamie Skinny Jeans
-Moto Joni Skinny Jeans
 that are high waisted and I had to order one of them. Shipping is worldwide and above 100 pounds is free.
  - regular price for a pair is almoust 70 $ but there are also sales.

Many girls are saying that they are really comfotable because are strechy and fit like a glove and you not feel like you have jeans on you. I like colors as well, as there are many options to choose from.

The next place where you can buy high waisted skinny jeans or just skinny jeans is Forever21 at site
 There you have many jeans that are very afordable, as prices starts from 10$ which is really cool - don't you think? They ship worldwide and from purchase above 75 Euro shipping is free, and when you subscribe to them then first purchase is 6 Euro discounted.

So that was my 5 places where you can buy skinny jeans that are high waisted and if you know any brands that you love, please share in commets.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

H&M HM Collective Haul -Summer- Part I Sales

Here is my Haul from H&M shop. I purchased some things and in that video I show what i picked up.
As there were sales i not spend a lot. So it is a nice to buy on sales. And how about you guys, do you buy on slaes or not?

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