lifestyle: July 2014



Thursday, July 31, 2014


Today I present an outfit of the day for the hot weather with humid like here is now. I prefer in such day to wear shorts or short skirt, and a loose tank top. This tank top is flowy and not stick to the body so much, and shorts are flowy too. To this outfit I pick up sandals made of 100 % real leather.

Tank top / Terranova
Shorts / Terranova
Sandals / VENEZIA

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today is so hot that all I want to do is to go on the sandy beach and swim in the water and not feel that heat wave. But now I am in the city, and there are only 2 openroof pools and 2 lakes and no sea around me :(
I am so far from it. So I decided to go back memories to 2006 year where I was on the beautiful sandy beach and water was warm and was very hot outside. I am wearing no name brand swimsuit and a hat is from Terranova.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Today I present my casual outfit of the day. Today I decided to not apply any make up as sometimes not feel in the mood to do it as skin need to rest and if its hot day it would all meld down. Did only hair with some curling iron maschine. It is hot sunny day and humid so I like to wear loose tank top, and skirt. This time I wear sneakers because they are comfortable and was about to rain so.... What do you like to wear in hot day make up on or  not?

Tank top / Stradivarius
Skirt / H&M
Sneakers / Reebok / Princess supreme Classic /

Tank top / Stradivarius
Skirt / H&M
Sneakers / Reebok / Princess supreme Classic /

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer on the beach

The most part that I like in summer is that it's warm and sunny and I can go swimming if the beach is nearby, which is not so often, as I live far from the beach. But when I have an ocassion to be near one I defenitely spend there every hot and sunny summer day. I like also making stroll across the shore and watching sunset or sunrise. One time in life I slept whole night on the beach with some friends just to see the sunset and it was amazing.

  Shirt / New Yorker
Shorts / H&M similar here
Sneakers / Nike 
Hoodie / New Yorker

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