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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beauty favourites

My favourite cosmetics that I use  lately often to do make up on my face are:

                                   mascara maybelline- the colossal volum express- 100% Black

                                   eye shadows from alverde- they use natural ingidients that I not react allergic to them

                                      single eyeshadow that makes eyelid shimmer - alverde

                                          lipstick number 13 from Bourjois Paris

                                       pen eyeshadow from catrice- gives nice smokey eyes effect

                                               compact powder from Bourjois Paris- 53

                                           drugstore fluid to face-antiallergic- Iwostin

                          face cream-daily moisturiser and shine effect in one-it has great lemon scent

                                illuminating powder that mattifies, highlights and gives a radiant healthy glow
                                                                      Loreal Paris-02

                                                              greetings from my cat

                                                           he does not need any make up

Thursday, March 20, 2014

03,-20-2014 Casual day, sales

Today I had some errands in some office so I went out in the morning. My outfit had to be casual.
                              coat- terranova
                             pants- nike
                                hoodie- amisu
                               boots- khrio
                               t-shirt-  h&m

 After my errands I had to step into my favourite mall and check if there are some sales. 
To my surprise turned out that they are. This is what I picked up:

Zara dress for 13$ 

          another zara dress for 13$ on sale

Zara jeans - 13$ on sale

fishbone  t-shirt      7$

amisu jeans -13$ on sale

Sunday, March 16, 2014

In style: Neon, fluorescent colors - Celebrities go Neon

This spring/ summer season is also the time where you can wear neon and fluorescent colors. They will defenetaly attract peoples eyes on you. You will feel unique and special. Spring colors can be yellow, orange, pink, light green but neon are more vivid and good to waer with light colors.

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