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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Although fall season just started weather here in Europe reminds more of the early winter then fall time. Its very cold at night and its cold at day with strong wind. So it is time to make some preparations in our wardrobe and organise closet so that we find warmer clothes fast and easy. Maybe we need to buy some clothing item that is suitable to fall time. 
I lately wanted to buy rainboots but maybe I will not need them, as I live in the city so maybe rainboots are less needed here ? I was also thinking if I have good winter boots? Do my last season' parka or coats will be still good to wear that upcoming fall or winter? I  wanted to get lately some light parka but not so thick and heavy like for winter but more for fall time, and I found this one on sale at online store, so I got it. It has hood which is a must have in the parka. It also has 4 pockets and it is really lightweight. 
What do you plan do buy for this fall season.

I am wearing:

T-shirt / NewYorker
Hoodie / Cubus
Parka / Tchibo
Jeans / Topshop Moto Jamie Jeans
Sneakers/ Reebok Freestyle

Monday, October 5, 2015

Topshop haul 2015

Today  I show what I 've got at on sales. So I've got Moto Jamie Flaires jeans in blue, then Moto Jamie jeans flares with rips, then in white color.
I also got small wallet, and chunky sandals. Give thumbs up if you like hauls, and subscribe to my youtube channel here:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hello today I do unboxing video of the order from online zara store.
So I got this zara boots with front zipper and 2 inches sole.
They are from Zara Trafaluk line and made from real leather.

They are still avaiable at

Subscirbe to my youtube channel:

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