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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Today the weather is really bad and rainy, and I present my outfit for today. Falling leaves, wet pavements, cold, gloomy weather made me put on warmer clothes.
 For an outwear I chosed water  and wind resistant coat  with hood, that can be unzipped. That jacket has many pockets which I really like. On the inside it has a fleece material, which makes you feel even warmer in such cold, moister rainy, windy day. Brrrr...
For the pants I could of pick out better option but had no time for it today and  I just put on casual sweat pants, which is not good option for such rain.
 My sneakers were doing good and they not soaked wet at all, they seems to be water resistant for a walk in rain. Glad I had an unbrella too as without it I woudl be all wet and then  get cold for sure.

And what do you like to wear in raindy days? Do you wear wellingtons and rain coat or other type of clothes?

Outwear / Rodeo C&A
Hoodie  / Newyorker
Shirt / Newyorker
Sweat pants / Nike
Sneakers / Reebok Classics
Unbrella / Rossman
Backpack / Outhorn

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Although it is fall, it is not yet so cold outside, as it could be. Weather is more like in late summer then in the authum, so it is too warm to wear a jacket. For today's outfit I decided to wear a loose long sleeved shirt and ripped jeans, and of course a shopper bag. This jeans have many ripps so they are good for transition season like a fall,
For a shoes I picked out  brown cowboys style or maybe it's combat style? boots with buckles and zipper made out of suede leather.
The shopper is made out of faux leather and inside it is another beg which I should show you too, but will do next time. 

Shirt  / H&M
Scarf  / Terranova
Jeans  / Topshop  (Ripped Jamie Jeans)
Socks / Terranova
Boots / ESPRIT by TJMaxx
Bag / Parfois

Beyonce Exposed 2014... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Here is what I saw in YouTube, and want to worn you guys!!!
She is obssessed by some spirit and she even said that in one of her interviews!!!

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